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Student Bus Rider Rules

Student Bus Rider Rules

Student safety is always a major concern whenever transporting students. The driver must have the cooperation of all the students on the bus. Students are expected to follow the rules or they may lose privileges. Continued misconduct will lead to the loss of transportation privileges.

Waiting at the bus stop the students will:

  • Be on time. Arrive 5 minutes early.
  • Show respect for the property of others.
  • Conduct themselves in an orderly and safe manner.
  • Stay at least 3 feet back from the roadway when the bus arrives.
  • Line up, single file, and prepare to board the bus.

Boarding the bus, the student will:

  • Sit only in assigned seat if seats are assigned.
  • Keep items out of the aisle, such as band instruments, bags, etc.
  • Get settled in your seat as quickly as possible and remain seated.

Riding the bus, the student will:

  • Remain seated at all times.
  • Face forward in his or her seat.
  • Not place feet or knees on seats or against seat backs.
  • Keep hands to self.
  • Not use tobacco. NO vaping, smoking or chewing.
  • Not eat on bus.
  • Talk in a normal conversation tone.
  • Not lower windows more than halfway unless otherwise instructed by driver.
  • Be quiet at all railroad crossings.

Leaving the bus, the student will:

  • Leave seat only when instructed by the driver.
  • Exit from front to back in an orderly manner.
  • Keep feet and hands out of aisle while others are exiting.
  • Keep hands to self when exiting the bus.
  • Wait for the driver’s hand signal before crossing the street.


  • No live animals will be transported.
  • Glass, firearms, and knives will not be transported.
  • If seating arrangements do not allow room for large items to be safely stored, without blocking the aisle or exits, the students will be asked to make other arrangements for transporting these items.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken for the following:
  • Deliberate defiance; refusal to cooperate with the driver.
  • Deliberate delay – loading or unloading. * Obscene and unacceptable language, remarks or signs.
  • Throwing items of any kind in the bus or out the windows.
  • Smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, possession of drugs or weapons.
  • Excessive talking and unnecessary noise; lack of courtesy and respect.
  • Extending hands, arms or head out of windows.
  • Refusal to stay seated; turning around in seat.
  • Fighting or scuffling on the bus or at the bus stop.
  • Tampering with equipment, deliberate vandalism.

Bus Discipline Notice

Parents/guardians will be notified by phone call or letter.

  • 1st Offense - Warning
  • 2nd Offense - 3 days off bus.
  • 3rd Offense - 10 days off bus.
  • 4th Offense – Loss of Transportation privileges.

Please contact the Transportation Office at 341-2219 if you have any questions.