Child Find

Flint Hills Special Education Cooperative

What is Child Find?

Child Find is a special education service provided by the Flint Hills Special Education Cooperative for identifying children from ages birth through twenty-one who are suspected of having a disability and who may be eligible for special education and related services or early intervention services.

What is the Process?

It begins with a review or screening of available information about the child. When screening indicates the possibility of an educational disability, the child is evaluated in relevant areas. When results indicate that a child is disabled and in need of special education services, an individualized plan is developed.

What is included in the definition of educational disability?

Federal and state laws identify specific disabling conditions:

Developmental Delay
Emotional Disturbance
Hearing Impairment
Intellectual Disability
Multiple Disabilities
Orthopedic Impairment
Other Health Impairment
Specific Learning Disability
Speech or Language Impairment
Traumatic Brain Injury
Visual Impairment (including blindness)
Developmental Delay

How do I refer a child?

  • Referrals for children enrolled in Flint Hills Special Education Cooperative member schools are made by contacting the local school.
  • Preschool children residing in the Flint Hills Special Education Cooperative who are not enrolled in a public school preschool program and children ages 3-21 enrolled in a private/parochial school located in the FHSEC may be referred by calling620-341-2260.
  • Children, who are not yet three, may be referred to the Infants and Toddlers program by calling 620-341-2260.

Who may refer a child?

Most referrals are made directly by a child’s parents.
Referrals may also be made by health care providers, social workers, child care providers, and other individuals familiar with the child’s development.

What is the cost?

Screening services are available at no charge to resident children.
Assessments, evaluations, and all special education services which are determined to be necessary are provided free of charge.

What Special Education Services are available?

Academic and Behavioral Services; Early Childhood Services; Enrichment Services; Infant-Toddler Services; Secondary Transition Services; Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; Social Work; School Psychology; Speech/Language Therapy; Vision; and more.

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