Weekly Catering List

In an effort to better coordinate services/support at Mary Herbert, a few changes are being made. Additional information will be needed when you sign up for the various rooms in this building. You will also need to revise requests that have already been placed on the calendar. Our main goals will be to have rooms set up as you want them, technology ready for you in your room, and food needs taken care of.

All meals will be served in the main hallway starting at 11:45 A.M.

All snack trays will be delivered to individual rooms. Food service will deliver snack trays at 7:30 A.M. and 11:45 A.M. All needed table service will be provided by the caterer. Drinks will not be provided at this time.

Please share thoughts/concerns/suggestions to me so modifications and improvements can continue in order to make Mary Herbert an effective building for you to use.

Internal Catering Prices from USD253 Food Service 2013-2014

Orders must be placed 2 weeks in advance
Fruit or Vegetable Tray
or Cheese & Crackers Tray
$35.00 small tray 25-30 people $70.00 large tray 30-60 people
Choc No Bake; Choc Chip;Oatmeal;
M&M; Snickerdoodle;Sugar; Red Velvet;
Choc Chunk
$6.00 dozen        
Large Spartan Cookie $1.00 each        
        Appx. Size:    
Cakes/Brownies/Bars $30.00 full pan 70 pieces 2 1/2 X 2 1/2    
($10.00 extra charge for writing on cakes)   48 pieces 3 X 3    
  $15.00 half pan 35 pieces 2 1/2 X 2 1/2    
      24 pieces 3 X 3    
Yogurt Parfait $1.00 Each        
Super Chef Salads $5.00 each        
Small Chef Salad $2.50 each        
Fruit Plate $2.50 each   Soup  withcrackers $1.50
Chicken Strip Basket $2.50 each serving   Chili withcrackers $1.50
Bosco Sticks $2.50 each serving        
Chili Crispitos $2.50 each serving   Chicken Ranch Wrap $2.00
Chicken Parmesan/Garlic Biscuit $2.50 each serving        
Spaghetti with Bosco Stick $2.50 each serving        
Macaroni & Cheese with Bread $2.50 each serving        
Hot Sandwiches w/chips: $2.50 each serving        
Ham/cheese; Chicken; $2.50 each serving        
Hot/Spicy Chicken; BBQ Ribette; $2.50 each serving        
Texas Grilled Cheese; $2.50 each serving        
Long Johns $12.00 dozen        
Scones $12.00 dozen        
Cinnamon Rolls $12.00 dozen        
Biscuit/Gravy $12.00 dozen        
Ham/Cheese Biscuits $12.00 dozen        
Sausage/Cheese Biscuits $12.00 dozen        
Omelett’s $12.00 dozen        
Pancakes $7.00 dozen        
Small Donuts $7.00 dozen        
Muffins $7.00 dozen        
Coffee, Tea, Punch $4.00 gallon        
Juice $0.50 each portion        
Milk $0.50 each portion        
  For other food costs and varieties, call the Food Service Director for a price quote.
UPDATED: 8-1-13
Other food items are available per request.

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