Business Operations

Emporia Public Schools
The Business Department oversees all of the financial and operations functions of the district. Call, visit or e-mail the Business Office for information about these topics:

  • Bidding & Contracts
  • Budgets & Accounting
  • Capital Outlay Projects
  • Donations & Fund Raising
  • Facility Use & Rental
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Payroll
  • Purchasing & Accounts Payable

Budget Information

Click this link to see the Budget at a Glance (PDF) prepared by Mr. Scheib. Copies of the full budget document are available in the Business Office.

The state requires school districts to calculate the maximum general fund budget using Form 150, and the state legislature requires this form to be posted for public review. The form shows how the school finance formula applies various enrollment adjustments (weightings) to the district’s estimated full-time equivalency (FTE) student enrollment. Follow this link to see the Form 150 used to prepare the budget.

Click the link below for more information on the adjustment coming to payroll:

Understanding New Payroll Changes

Office Location

Mary Herbert Education Center
1700 W 7th Ave.
PO Box 1008
Emporia, KS 66801

Phone: 620-341-2216
Fax: 620-341-2206







Rob Scheib
Assistant Superintendent

Cate Cape
Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Pope
Director of Budgets

Michelle Charboneau
Transportation Director

Bob Fancher
Maintenance Director

Denise Kater
Food Service Director

Paul Beadles
IT Operations Director

Reporting Fraud

An employee who suspects fraud, impropriety or irregularity shall promptly report those suspicions to the immediate supervisor and/or the superintendent. The superintendent shall have primary responsibility for any investigations, in coordination with legal counsel and other internal or external departments and agencies as appropriate.


The district encourages complaints, reports or inquiries about illegal practices or violations of district policies, including illegal or improper conduct by the district, its leadership or by others on its behalf. Reports could include, but not be limited to, financial improprieties, accounting or audit matters, ethical violations or other similar illegal or improper practices or policies. The district prohibits retaliation by or on behalf of the district against staff members who make good faith complaints, reports or inquiries under this policy or for participations in a review or investigation under this policy. This protection extends to those whose allegations are made in good faith but prove to be mistaken. The district reserves the right to discipline persons who make bad faith, knowingly false, or vexatious complaints, reports or inquiries or who otherwise abuse this policy.

Complaints, reports or inquiries may be made under this policy on a confidential or anonymous basis. They should describe in detail the specific facts demonstrating the bases for the complaints, reports or inquiries. They should be directed to the superintendent. If the superintendent is implicated in the complaint, report or inquiry, it should be directed to the board of education. The district will conduct a prompt review or investigation. The district may be unable to fully evaluate a vague or general complaint, report or inquiry that is made anonymously.

Excerpt from USD253 Board Policy DC, approved: September 25, 2013

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