Emporia High School Athletics

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Driving Directions

Driving Directions to EHS athletic facilities

Emporia High School, 3302 West 18th
If coming on the turnpike: Get off at the Emporia exit. Take the business exit (HWY 50 exit)to the first stop light which will be Graphic Arts Road. Turn left and go approx. 2 blocks to 18th Avenue. Turn right, high school is on the left.

Football-Welch Stadium-Emporia State University
From the turnpike, take I-35 to the Merchant Street exit (2nd exit). Turn right and go approx. 1 block to Highland Street. Turn left and go approx. 1/2 mile to visitor parking which is located on the west side of the stadium.

TRYSA Soccer Fields
If coming in from west HWY 50: At the first stop light (Graphic Arts Road & HWY 50) turn left. Travel approx. 2 blocks to 18th Avenue. At 18th Avenue turn left, go approx. 1/4 mile. Soccer fields are located on left.

An alternative route is: Traveling from West HWY 50, turn left at Americus Road (flashing caution light). Go approx. 1/2 mile to the first cross road which will be 18th Ave. Turn right on 18th Ave. You will see the soccer fields on the right hand side of the road.

Softball Sertoma Diamonds
The softball diamonds are located at 9th and Whittier. From the turnpike take I-35 to the Burlingame Road exit #131. Turn right to 12th Ave. (first street you come to). Right on 12th Avenue to Whittier Street (approximately 1 block on the corner is a Conoco Station), turn left on Whittier Street. Travel approximately 3 blocks to diamonds. Diamonds are on the left.

Sodens Grove Park
Turnpike to Emporia–Take business district exit HWY 50 (6th Street). At the 8th stop light (6th Street and Commercial, our downtown area) turn right and follow to Soden Road, approx. 2-3 miles (located on the East or left side of the river). Baseball field is located in the park.

ESU Hornet Practice Field
Turnpike to Emporia–Take I-35 east to 2nd exit (Merchant Street). Turn right, go approx 1/4 block. Turn left on Highland Park Road (Wildlife and Parks Office is located on the right). Go past University parking to road that turns under I-35. Field is located on the north side of I-35.

Driving directions to opponents athletic facilities

Abilene School Address1300 N. Ceda (785-263-1260)

  • I-70 to Abilene.
  • Abilene exit is Buckeye Street.
  • South on Buckeye Street to 1st stop light (14th Street)
  • Turn right 2 blocks to the school parking in the back of the school.

Ark City School Address (South of the High School)1200 West Radio Lane – (620-441-2010)

  • Highway 88 to first stop light.
  • Turn right 12 blocks.

Bishop Carroll School Address (High School and Baseball)8101 West Central (316-722-2390)

  • Turnpike to K-96
  • North to I-135
  • North to 235 West.
  • Go to Central exit.
  • West 2 miles to the High School.
  • Baseball – (JV)- West Side Athletic Field.
  • Get off at Kellogg Exit.
  • Head west to Seneca.
  • Right (NORTH) to McClain.
  • North to Central.
  • Head west to West Side Athletic Field.

Blue Valley- Stillwell School Address (Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling and Baseball)6001 West 159th Street – (913-239-4800)

  • I-35 to 151st Street.
  • Go east on 151st to Metcalf.
  • Turn south to 159th Street.
  • Turn east and go 4 blocks to the school.

Blue Valley- Stillwell- Softball- Miller Field

  • I-35 to 140 Exit (Olathe).
  • Go east 6 miles to Antioch Road.
  • Turn south 1/4 mile.

Blue Valley- Stillwell- Golf

  • Rabbit Creek Golf Course – Louisburg
  • Take Highway 69 to the Louisburg Exit (which is highway 68).
  • Go east on highway 68 to a 4-way stop (Metcalf).
  • Go south two miles to 259th St.
  • Head east two miles.
  • Golf Course is on the left.

Blue Valley North Sports Complex (Soccer)

  • I-35 to Santa Fe (Highway 150 or 135th Street).
  • Go to Switzer.
  • Address is 135th and Switzer.

Blue Valley Northwest Overland Park School Address13260 Switzer (913-239-3400)

  • I-35 to Santa Fe Exit also (135th Street).
  • East or right on Santa Fe to Switzer.
  • Left or North to school.

Blue Valley West- Stillwell School Address16200 Antioch

  • I-35 to 151st Street.
  • 151st east to Antioch–right or south on Antioch approx. 2 miles to the school.
  • The Soccer filed are located on the south side of the school.

Bonner Springs School Address (Wrestling)100 McDanield Street – (913-422-5121)

  • Take the turnpike to the Bonner Springs exit.
  • Then take highway 32 west by the Chevy Dealer.
  • Turn right and head to the high school.

Burlington School Address (Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, and Football) 830 Cross Street – (620-364-8672)

  • Take I-35 to the Beto Junction exit.
  • Get on highway 75 heading south.
  • Take 75 until you enter Burlington.
  • Turn right (west) at the first stop light.
  • Take Cross Street until you reach a stop sign.
  • The high school complex is on the right.

Campus High School- Haysville- School Adress (Soccer)2100West 55th St. South (316 554-2236)

  • Exit Turnpike at South exit, take 47th street west to Meriden (2 1/2 miles).
  • Go south on Meriden to Campus High School.
  • If the game is not at the high school then continue on Meriden to Haysville.
  • Turn east on Grand.
  • Go 5 blocks to Soccer field.

California Trail Junior High (Swimming)13775 W. 133rd Street

  • I-35 to Santa Fe exit #218.
  • East on Santa Fe to Pflumm Road.
  • Left on Pflumm Road to West 133rd.
  • Left on 133rd to school.

Chisolm Trail Junior High (Swimming)16700 W. 159th

  • I-35 to 151st.
  • 3 miles east on 151st to Mur-Len.
  • Right or south on Mur-Len to 159th School is on the corner.

CoffeyvilleWest 8th Street & Roosevelt – (620 252-6410)

  • Take highway 75 to Independence.
  • Stay on 75 through town.
  • When 75 turns west, you go straight on 10th street.

Derby School Address920 North Rock – (316-788-8500)

  • Turnpike to Kellogg.
  • West to Rock Road.
  • South on Rock Road to school.

Douglas High School Address910 East 1st (316 747-3310)

  • Take turnpike to El Dorado exit.
  • West or left on highway 254 to Augusta exit.
  • Go through Augusta to Douglass, approx. 12 miles south on highway 77.

El Dorado School Address (Volleyball)401 McCollum Road (316 322-4810)

  • Take turnpike to exit 76 toward El Dorado North.
  • Left on US 77 for 1.7 miles to McCollum Road.
  • Left on McCollum Rd to school.

Eureka – High School815 N. Jefferson

  • K-99 to US 54 West to Eureka.
  • Turn right (north) on Jefferson St.
  • Jefferson st. will take you to football field.
  • High School north of football field.

Gardner/Edgerton (Baseball)425 N. Waverly Road (913 856-2600)

  • I-35 to Gardner Road (exit 207) north on Gardner rd. to Main (also highway 56 and 175th st.)
  • Left on Main approx. one mile.
  • Highway 56 turns off, stay on 175th to Waverly rd.
  • Right on Waverly Road approx. 1/2 mile to the school.

Great Bend High School Address2027 Morton St. (316 793-1521)

  • (145- 150 miles)
  • Take highway 50 to Elmdale.
  • At Elmdale take 150 to McPherson.
  • At McPherson take highway 56 to Great Bend.
  • At Great Bend take the Business District Highway 156 to Main Street.
  • Go northe on Main to 19th st. left or west to Morton Street.
  • School is on street.

Hayden School Address401 S.W. Gage Blvd. – (913-272-5210)

  • Take the turnpike to 470 by pass west.
  • Get off at Gage exit.
  • Go north on Gage to high school at 401 Gage.

Jardine Middle School Address (JV Boys Basketball)2600 SW 33rd st.- (913 266-7874)

  • Take the turnpike to Topeka.
  • Exit off of I-470 at the Burlingame exit.
  • Take Burlingame North to 33rd street (approx. one mile from I-470).
  • Then go west on 33rd to Jardine Middle School.

Landon Junior High (JV Boys Basketball) School Address8th and Fairlawn

  • Take the turnpike to Topeka.
  • Take by pass to Fairlawn.
  • South on Fair lawn to 8th.
  • Park in back of school.

Cair Paravell635 S.W. Clay

  • Go to Hayden high school.
  • Go south on Gage.
  • Turn east on 6th st.
  • Go approx. 2.5 miles to Clay st.
  • Quick Shop on corner- go one block south.

Highland Park School Address (Football and Basketball)424 SE California Ave. – (913-266-7616)

  • Take the turnpike to Topeka.
  • Go north on Topeka Blvd. to first stop light (37th Street).
  • Turn right at 37th and go 2 miles to California Street.
  • Turn left and go north to highschool at 2424 California.
  • Turnpike to 470 By Pass. Get off at Gage, go north to 25th street (Felker Park).
  • Baseball – Lake Shawnee
  • Go to 29th Turn right and go east past dam of Lake Shawnee.
  • Go by the water tower turn right and you can see the diamonds.


  • Softball
  • Go to 29th. Turn right. Go to the dam and turn right. Go 1/4 mile to the diamonds.


  • Dornwood
  • 3 blocks east of Highland Park High School.

Hutchinson High School Address- Bud Detter Field (Baseball)1401 Severance

  • Highway 50 west to Highway 61 north.
  • North or right on 61 to Blanchard Street (approx. 50 yards).
  • Turn left on Blanchard to Carey Park.
  • Follow around to the diamond.

Junction City School Address (Football, Volleyball, Wrestling, Track, and Basketball)900 N. Eisenhower Dr. – (913-238-3185)

  • Go to Council Grove to I-70.
  • Go to Junction City. Get off at Grandview Plaza exit (6th Street).
  • Go 1 mile west to Eisenhower.
  • Turn right 3 blocks to high school.
  • Baseball
  • Get off at Grandview Plaza Exit (6th st.).
  • Go west to Jackson.
  • Turn right on Jackson to 13th.
  • Left on 13th 3 or 4 blocks. (visible from road)
  • Softball/JV Baseball- North Park
  • Take Exit 295 on I-70.
  • Go north on highway 77 for two miles. (Take exit right before the bridge).
  • Take a right at STOP sign and go .5 miles east to Rucker st. (the 1st road on your left).
  • Take a left and stay on Rucker for .4 miles to Westwood Blvd.
  • Turn right on Westwood Blvd. and then take a quick left on Thompson Drive.
  • Stay on Thompson Drive and you will come into North Park.
  • Baseball- Rathert Field
  • I-70 to exit #296.
  • Turn right on Washington st. and go 16 blocks to 6th st.
  • Turn left on 6th street and go 4 blocks to Jackson Street.
  • Turn right on Jackson Street and go about 7 blocks to 13th st.
  • Turn left on 13th and go approx. 3-4 blocks and it will take you directly into ball park.
  • Soccer- Filby Park
  • Go to Council Grove then to I-70.
  • Go to Junction City take exit #269 and turn right onto Washington Street.
  • Go about 16 blocks to 6th street and turn left.
  • Go to Eisengower street and take a right, go to 14th street and take a left.
  • The Soccer field is about a half block on the left.

Lawrence Free State School Address4700 Overland Drive- (785 832-6050)

  • Turnpike to Lecompton exit.
  • Go south on K-10 to 6th street (US Highway 40).
  • Exit on Highway 40.
  • Go east to Wakarusa Drive (first stoplight).
  • Turn left at Wakarusa Drive.
  • Go one block to Overland Drive.
  • Turn right to the school.

Lawrence High School Address (Basketball)1901 Louisiana St. (913 832-5050)

  • Turnpike to 1st Exit.
  • South past dorms to Clinton Parkway.
  • Turn left and go to Louisiana
  • Turn left – 4 blocks to the high school.
  • Lawrence (State Baseball)
  • Holcomb Complex- Turnpike to Leocompton exit.
  • Right on HWY 10 to Clinton Parkway exit.
  • Left on Clinton Parkway to Iowa Street.
  • Right on Iowa street to 25th.
  • 25th to Holcomb Complex–Ice Diamond
  • Lawrence (Soccer) Youth Soccer Fields
  • 1st Exit (West Lawrence), Go South to Hwy. 10 also Clinton Parkway.
  • Turn Right (approx. 1 mile) to Walkarusa Road.
  • Turn left- fields on the left.

Lawrence South Junior High School Address (Basketball)2734 Louisiana (913 832-5450)

  • Turnpike West Exit (#197)left onn KS-10 to Iowa st.
  • South on Iowa to 27th street.
  • Turn left to Louisiana st.
  • Right on Louisiana to second shool (High School is first school).

Leavenworth School Address (Basketball)2012 10th Ave. (913 684-1550)

  • Turnpike to Leavenworth Exit.
  • North on highway 73 to Leavenworth to 2nd stop light (Eisenhower Road).
  • Left on Eisenhower Road approx. 1.5 miles to first street after stop sign to 10th.
  • Turn right and go approx. 3 miles to high school. (Park on north side of building)

Lincoln, Nebraska School Address2635 N 63rd St., Lincoln, NE 68507-2422

  • Go to Council Grove, then 177 to Manhattan.
  • Take US 24 to Tuttle Creek Blvd. to US 77 north-stay on US 77 until Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • In Lincoln turn right on Old Cheney Rd. to 70th street.
  • Turn left on south 70th street.
  • Go 9 miles and turn left on Holdrege Street 0.5 miles.
  • Turn right on 63rd street about .75 miles to the high school.

McPherson High School Address (Basketball)801 East 1st (316 241-9500)

  • Coming in on Highway 56 take exit before getting to I-35 west.
  • Turn right on exit and back left on First street.
  • Go 1.5 miles to McPherson High School.

Maize School Address (Soccer)4600 N. Maize Road (316 722-0441)

  • Go to El Dorado on Turnpike.
  • Go on Hwy. 254 and go to Highway 96 and head to Maize..
  • To to Pizza Hut and turn left.

Maize South High School Address11600 W 45th Street North (67101-9581)

  • Go to El Dorado on Turnpike.
  • Take Exit 71 and continue straight.
  • Turn right at Boyer Road.
  • Turn right to stay on Boyer Road.
  • Take 1st right onto KS-254 West.
  • Continue onto I-235 South
  • Take exit 13 to merge onto KS-96 West (toward Hutchinson).
  • Take the 53rd St exit toward Maize Road.
  • Turn left at West 53rd St North.
  • Turn left at North 103rd st West/North Road.
  • Turn right at West 45th street north. (Destination will be on the right)
  • Easy way:
  • Go west on US-50 to onramp for I-135 south. (In Newton)
  • Get on I-135 south and take exit 11B.
  • Merge with I-235 and get off at exit 13.
  • Merge onto KS-96 west toward Hutchinson.
  • Take the 53rd st. exit and head toward Maize Road.
  • Turn left at West 53rd st North
  • Turn left at North 103rd st. W/N Maize Road.
  • Turn right at West 45th st North. (Destination will be on right)

Manhattan School Address (Basketball)2100 Poyntz Ave. – (913-587-2100)

  • Go to Council Grove, then north to Manhattan.
  • Go over the bridge to 4th Street.
  • Right on 4th street to Poyntz Street.
  • Turn left on Poyntz to the school.

Manhattan–Cico Park (Football)

  • After crossing the brisge, keep in the right lane and take the off ramp to the ramp to the right.
  • Turn left at the stop light at the bottom of the bridge.
  • Go north on Tuttle Creek Blvd. to Kemball.
  • Left on Kemball to the park.

Manhattan–Frank Myer Field (Baseball)

  • Over bridge turn left to Fork Riley Blvd., go west to Highway 113, turn north (2 miles), exit on Kimball.
  • Go east on Kimbell until you get to the ball diamond.
  • West side of KSU.

Manhattan–Jerry Wilson Park (Baseball)

  • Over bridge.
  • Go 2 blocks and turn right.
  • Go to Poyntz, turn left and go approx. 1 mile.
  • City park on the right. Jerry Wilson is in City Park.

Manhattan–Optimist Field (Freshman Softball)

  • Over bridge and go left. Turn right at stop light. Go to Seth Child Road.
  • Go north- turn right on Amburst.
  • Follow the road until you run out of payment.
  • Before you come to the dead end take the last left road and go to field.

Manhattan–Eisenhower Middle School (Baseball)

  • Over the bridge turn left. Go to Fort Riley Blvd.
  • Left on Fort Riley Blvd. which turns into Hwy. 24 (Tuttle Blvd.)
  • Go to Walters Ave. approx. 2 to 3 miles.
  • Turn right on Walters to Eisenhower Middle School.

Manhattan–Annenberg Complex (Soccer and Softball)

  • To Council Grove north on 177 to Manhattan.
  • Cross viaduct- left on 4th to Fort Riley Blvd.
  • Right on Fort Riley Blvd. past Holidome approx. 1 mile.
  • Turn right on Seth Child Road.
  • North approx. 3/4 mile. to Anderson ave.
  • Go left on Anderson approx. 1.5 miles.
  • Go west to Annenburg Comples.

Manhattan–KSU (Swimming)

  • Swimming is held at Kansas State University.
  • Go to Manhattan.
  • Cross viaduct- left on 4th to Fort Riley Blvd. Right on Fort Riley to 17th St.
  • Right on 17th to the University (football practice field will be on the North.
  • (17th Street ends) Go to the entrance of the University to get a visitor parking permit-parking lot is on the other side of that entrance.

Mill Valley High School

  • I-35 to K-7 North. (K-7 North winds through Olathe).
  • Take K-7 North to Shawnee Mission Parkway East (this is a long distance).
  • Take Shawnee Mission Parkway east to Monticello Rd. (2nd stop light)
  • Turn left onto Monticello Rd. and take this road about half a mile.
  • Mill Valley will be ont he left (west) side of the road.
  • Park in the back and enter the school through the back doors.

Mission Valley High School Address12685 Mission Valley Road (785 449-2297)

  • Hwy 99 north to Eskridge.
  • Turn right at the stop sign (gas station on the corner) on HWY 4 go approx. 4-5 miles on HWY 4 to county road
  • (will be a road sign) turn right and go approx. 4-5 miles to school.

Newton High School Address 900 West 12th Street. – (316-284-6280)

  • Come in on highway 50.
  • Stay to the left (do not go over the bridge).
  • Highway 50 will take you to 12th Street.
  • Stay on 12th Street to the school.

Newton (Baseball)

  • Varsity and JV baseball will be played at Centennial Park.
  • Varsity will be on Kline Scott field and JV on the field to the West of Kline Scott.
  • Centennial Park is located just north of 12th street on Kansas Ave.
  • After turning right on 12th travel a few blocks to Kansas street, right on Kansas street, Kansas street will take you to the park.

Newton (Softball)

  • Varsity softball games will be played at Athletic Park on 5th and Grandview. (near football stadium)
  • JV softball will be played at Washington Road Park located on Washington Road and Pine street.
  • Main street changes to washington road on the south side of town.

Newton (Golf)

  • Fox Ridge Golf Course. (Formerly the Newton Country Club)
  • Take Hwy. 50 to Broadway, then to High street.
  • Turn left on High street, go to First street.
  • Right on First street to Kansas Avenue
  • Turn left on Kansas Avenue.

Northern Hills5620 NW Topeka Blvd.

  • Turnpike to Topeka.
  • I-470 By-Pass to HWY 75.
  • North on HWY 75 approx. 6 miles to 46th street.
  • Right on 46th to the second set of stop signs (Topeka Blvd.)
  • Turn left on Topeka Blvd. to the school.

Olathe East School Address14545 West 127th Street (913 780-7120)

  • I-35 to 119th Street Exit. Turn right (east) on 119th.
  • Go on the second major intersection (Blackbob).
  • Turn right (south) on Blackbob to the third traffic light (127th).
  • Turn left on 127th to the school.
  • Swimming-California Trail Junior High –13775 W. 133rd st.
  • I-35 to Santa Fe exit (which becomes 135th St.).
  • Go east about 2 miles to Pflumm.
  • Left on Pflumm to 133rd.
  • Turn left and you will see the school on the left.

Olathe Northwest School Address21300 College Blvd (913 780-7150)

  • I-35 to Olathe exit 215.
  • Left at stop light to Old Hwy. 56 approx. 4 stop lights).
  • On old Hwy. 56 travel to the 1st stop light to K-7.
  • Turn right on K-7 and travel 2-3 miles to College Blvd.
  • Right on College Blvd to school.

Olathe South School Address (Basketball)1640 East 151st St. (913 780-7160)

  • I-35 to 151st.
  • 1 mile to the highschool.
  • Soccer- Olathe District Activities Center
  • I-35 north. Get off 1st Olathe exit. Turn right.
  • Go 1.25 miles to 159th st. Go right 1/2 mile.
  • Complex on the left.
  • Swimming- Chisholm Trail Junior high
  • I-35 to Olathe exit 215 to 151st street follow this until you reach Murlen.
  • Turn right on Murlen and proceed to 159th street. School is at 159th and Murlen.

Ottawa School Address (Basketball and Volleyball)1120 Ash (785 229-8020)

  • I-35 to the first Ottawa Exit.
  • Take Eisenhower north about 1.5 miles until you get to 15th Street.
  • Turn right (east) on 15th and go to Ash Street.
  • Turn left (north) on Ash and go 1/2 mile past the middle school and the high school will be on the left.
  • Orlis Cox Fields (Baseball and Softball)
  • Stay on Eisenhower after exiting I-35.
  • Go about 4 miles past a stop sign (7th street).
  • Go another 3/4 mile and the diamonds will be on the left as the road curves to the right.

Salina South School Address (Football and Basketball)730 E. Magnolia Road (913 826-4766)

  • Go to Elmdale. Take 150 to McPherson.
  • North on Hwy. 81. Get off on Business 81.
  • Go to Magnolia Road.
  • (Soccer, Softball and Cross Country)- Bill Burke Park
  • I-35 to Crawford Street. Turn right on Crawford.
  • Go just past Ohio Street; the park is on the North side of the road.
  • Salina (golf)- Municipal Golf Course
  • I-35 to Crawford Street. Turn right on Crawford. Take Marymount Road south (left).
  • Salina (Baseball and Softball)- East Crawford Rec Center
  • I-35 to Crawford Street. Turn right on Crawford. Take Markley Road south (left).

Salina Central School Address 650 E. Crawford, (785 309-3500)

  • I-35 to Crawford Street.
  • Turn Right on Crawford.
  • The school is located just before Ohio Street.

Santa Fe Trail School Address (Carbondale) (Volleyball)15701 S. California (785 665-7161)

  • I-35 to Hwy 75 (Beto Junction).
  • North on Highway 75 to Highway 56.
  • Turn right (east) 2 or 3 miles.
  • School is on the south side.

Seaman School Address (Football, Basketball, and Baseball) (Baseball on north side of school)4850 NW Rochester Road – (913-286-8300)

  • Take the turnpike to by pass I-470.
  • East on I-70.
  • North on highway 75 approximately 6 miles to 46th Street.
  • Turn right on 46th to Rochester Road.
  • Left 2 blocks to high school.
  • Alternate Gym
  • Stay on Topeka Blvd.
  • 5 miles north of Highway 24 to Northern Hills Junior High at 5620 North Topeka.

Shawnee Heights High School Address (Football, Basketball, and Soccer)4201 SE Shawnee Heights Road – (785-379-5880)

  • Take the turnpike to Topeka Blvd.
  • Go south on Topeka Blvd. to 45th street (1/2 mile from the turnpike)
  • Turn left on 45th ad go east 8 miles to Shawnee Heights Road.
  • Turn north school is on the left.

Shawnee Mission East High School Address7500 Mission Road (913)993-6600

  • I-35 to 75th Street–East on 75th to Mission Road (School is on the corner of 75th and Mission Road)

Shawnee Mission North School Address7401 Mission Road (913)789-3700

  • I-35 to Johnson Drive- east on Johnson Drive to school.

Shawnee Mission South School Address5800 W. 107th St. (913 993-7500)

  • I-35 to 435 East.
  • 435 East to Nall.
  • Left on Nall to 107th.
  • Left on 107th to school.

Shawnee Mission West High School Address8800 West 85th (913 993-7800)

  • I-35 to 87th Street.
  • Turn right.
  • Go to Anticoch.
  • Turn left and go approx. 4 blocks. (School is on the west side of street)

St. Thomas Aquinas School Address (Basketball)11411 Pflumm Road – (913-345-1411)

  • Take I-35 to 435 east. To Quiviria
  • Go right 3 blocks to College Blvd.
  • Go right on College Blvd. to Pflumm Road.
  • Go left 3 blocks to high school.

Topeka High School Address800 SW 10th Ave. – (785-295-3150)

  • Get off turnpike at Topeka, go north on Topeka Blvd. to 10th Street.
  • Go west on 10th Street to school.
  • Football
  • Get off Turnpike at Topeka Blvd. Go to 10th.
  • Go east past Holiday Inn to Chandler Street and turn right.
  • Robinson Courts (Tennis)
  • 470 to Burlingame Exit. Go to 15th and Washburn.
  • Go right- The addres is 1125 West 14th. (South of the school)

Topeka West School Address (Basketball, Soccer, and Track)2001 SW Fairlawn Road – (913-272-1643)

  • Take the turnpike to Topeka.
  • Take 470 bypass to the 21st Street exit.
  • Go right on 21st to Bell Street
  • Go left on Bell Street. (Parkingis located at the back of the school.)

Trinity Gigh School Address12345 East 21st Street, Wichita, KS (316 634-0909)

  • Take the turnpike to K-96 exit in Wichita.
  • Go on Highway 96 West.
  • Exit on 21st Street (the second exit).
  • Go right off the exit ramp on 21st street.
  • About one block from the exit you will see Trinity Academy on the right (south) side of 21st street.

Washburn Rural School Address (Football, Soccer, Basketball)5900 SW 61st Street. – (785-339-4100)

  • Take the turnpike to 470 bypass.
  • Get off at the Burlingame exit.
  • Go south on Burlingame Road 4 miles to 61st Street.
  • Go west on 61st to Washburn Rural High School at 5900 South West 61st.
  • Softball
  • Varsity plays at the 58th Street Complex. Go to 61st and Wanamaker.
  • North on Wanamaker to 58th.
  • Right on 58th (deadend) travel through the gated area. Park Inside the Gated Area, Not On The Street
  • Baseball
  • Berry Park south of the high school.

Wichita Collegiate School Address1221 North Webb Road (316 634-0433)

  • Turnpike to Wichita (Kellogg exit).
  • East or right on Kellogg (also hwy 54) Immediately after exiting you will need to get in the far left turn lane.
  • At the stop light wich will be Webb Road, turn left.
  • Travel approx. 1 mile to school.

Wichita East School Address2301 E. Douglas

  • Turnpike to Kellogg Exit. West on Kellogg to Grove.
  • Right on Grove to East Douglas.
  • Left on East Douglas to school.

Wichita Heights High School Address (Football)5301 N. Hillside St. – (316-973-1400)

  • Take turnpike to El Dorado.
  • Go west on Highway 254 to Hillside exit
  • Go north one mile to high school.

Wichita North High School Address1437 Rochester St. (316 973-6300)

  • Turnpike to El Dorado to 254 west.
  • Highway 254 to 135. 135 to 13th Street.
  • 13th Street to Rochester. Right on Rochester to school.
  • Will play football at the Wichita Heights field. (See above)

Wichita North West School Address (Basketball and soccer)1220 N. Tyler Road (316 973-6000)

  • Turnpike to El Dorado. West on Highway 245.
  • Highway 254 to I-235. I-235 to West Zoo Blvd.
  • West on West Zoo Blvd. to West Windwill Road.
  • West Windmill Road to 13th street.
  • West on 13th street to North Tyler.
  • South on North Tyler to high school. Or—stay on 235 to Central exit.
  • Right on Central to Tyler Road.
  • Right on Tyler to school.

Wichita South High School Address701 West 33rd Street (316 973-5450)

  • Turnpike to South Interchange- North on I-235 to MacArthur Road.
  • Left (or west) to first stop light (Seneca) right (North) under I-235.
  • School can be seen on right.
  • Wichita South (Soccer)
  • Turnpike to South Interchange.
  • Then north on I-235 to Seneca Street.
  • Right on Seneca to 35th.
  • It is approx. 5 blocks to the soccer field.

Wichita Southeast (Football)- Carpenter Stadium

  • Turnpike to Wichita Exit (I-35).
  • I-35 to 235 North.
  • Exit off on Seneca to Osage St.
  • Osage to Carpenter Stadium.

Wichita- Kansas Coliseum- State Wrestling Tournament

  • Easiest:
  • 50 West to Newton. Take I-135 South Towards Wichita to Kansas Coliseum.
  • Fastest:
  • Turnpike south El Dorado Exit.
  • Take 254 West to Kechi.
  • Go through Kechi to Park City to I-135.
  • North to Coliseum.

Baseball/Softball/Soccer and Tennis in Topeka

Billard Field

  • Go to Topeka Blv. across river to second stop light.
  • Turn east on Morse Street which becomes Sardu Street to Oakland Community Center.
  • Turn north (left) on Poplar street to field.

Shawnee North Community Center

  • Go north on Topeka Blvd. to North 43rd street.
  • Turn east and go on half mile.(1/2)

Felker Park

  • Turnpike to 470 By Pass.
  • Get off at Gage, go north to 25th street to Felker Park.

Shawnee Community Center

  • Turnpike to Topeka Blvd.
  • Go south to Pauline, turn right to Shawnee Community Center.

Chandler Field

  • Turnpike to Topeka Blvd. North on Topeka Blvd. to 10th street.
  • Turn east (left) on 10th past the Holiday Inn to Chandler Street.
  • Turn right on Chandler to field.

Robinson Courts

  • 470 to Burlingame Exit.
  • Go to 15th and Washburn.
  • Go right- address is 1125 West 14th.
  • South of the school.

Big Shunga Park

  • Get off at Turnpike exchange. Go west on I-470 to Burlingame Road.
  • Go right (north) to 29th. At 29th, go left (west) about 3/4 miles.
  • Big Shunga Park is located across the road from Coastal Station.

McDonalds Park

  • Get off first Topeka Exit. Go west to Gage exit.
  • North on Gage to 21st street turn right.
  • Then turn right on Randolph and go to Big Shunga.
  • Turn right and go to McDonald Park.

Lake Shawnee- Tennis

  • Turnpike to Topeka Blvd.
  • Go south on Topeka Blvd. to 45th street (1 1/2 mile from Turnpike).
  • Turn left on 45th, turn left on Westedge Road.

Lake Shawnee- Baseball Scaba Field

  • Turnpike to Topeka Blvd.
  • Go south on Topeka Blvd. to 45th street (1 1/2 mile from Turnpike).
  • Turn left on 45th, turn left on Croco Road.

Lake Shawnee- Softball

  • Turnpike to Topeka Blvd.
  • Go south on Topeka Blvd. to 45th street (1 1/2 mile from Turnpike).
  • Turn left on 45th to California.
  • Left (north) on California to 37th.
  • East on 37th to West Edge Road-The diamonds are located on West Edge Road.

Quinton Heights- Soccer

  • Turnpike to Topeka Blvd.
  • Go north on Topeka Blvd. to 21st.
  • Turn left on 21st to Fillmore.
  • Left on Fillmore to Field.


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