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USD 253 Board of Education Receives a Presentation about the Climate Survey results. 

USD 253 Board of Education Receives a Presentation about the Climate Survey results. 

At the USD 253 Board of Education (BOE) meeting on Wednesday evening, Dr. Alicia Thompson, a representative from the Kansas Association of School Boards Leadership Services, presented results from the district’s recent Climate Survey. The Climate Survey was given to staff members, parents/caregivers, and members of the Emporia Community this past October and November.  The survey allowed stakeholders to provide feedback on a variety of topics as they relate to Emporia schools. The survey results provide valuable insights into the current state of the school district as well as highlight both positive aspects and areas for growth. 

According to Dr. Thompson, The survey results reflect strong support from the school community toward fostering a positive and inclusive environment. The responses provided and highlighted the dedication of the district's teachers, staff, and students in creating a supportive atmosphere conducive to student learning and personal growth.

Superintendent Dr. Allison Anderson-Harder, said “The climate survey results reflect a collective commitment to excellence and a shared vision for continuous improvement. The feedback we received not only emphasizes our strengths but also identifies areas where we can continue to grow and enhance our educational community.” 

As a district, the collaboration and transparency demonstrated through the results of the survey are exciting. The Board will be able to use the results to inform future decisions and initiatives that will continue to move the district forward. After the presentation, members of the Board expressed their appreciation to all of the stakeholders who participated in the survey and provided valuable feedback. 

Complete results of the Climate Survey can be found on the district website