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(Refer to Board Policy JGG and JGGA) 

Bus transportation shall be provided to and from school for those students who qualify. Transportation may be provided by the district for all school activities. Transportation may not be available to students who are detained after school for disciplinary reasons. 

Students who use school-provided transportation shall be under the jurisdiction of the vehicle driver while in the vehicle. Students shall be subject to the district's student behavior code and other regulations developed by the superintendent and approved by the board. 

Bus drivers shall report violations of the rules to the transportation director who may discipline students and will notify building administration. The transportation director may suspend or revoke the transportation privilege of a student who violates any rule or regulation. 

Examples of undesirable behavior on the school bus are: 

● Failing to comply with a reasonable request from the driver 

● Extending any part of the body out of bus windows 

● Leaving the seat while the bus is in motion 

● Eating or drinking on the bus 

● Transporting animals 

● Bringing an item on the bus or behaving in a manner that may harm or disturb 

other students or distract the driver 

● Vandalizing the bus or tampering with its equipment 

● Failing to be quiet at railroad crossings 

The district may use surveillance cameras to monitor student activity. Surveillance cameras may be used to monitor students riding in district vehicles and to monitor student behavior in or around any district facility. Students must ride their assigned bus and route. They should become familiar with the bus route number in case of an emergency. However, if your student needs to ride another bus, written permission from a parent and approval of the school administrator is required before a student will be granted permission. 

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