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Title I Parent Involvement Policy Reminders

Title I Parent Involvement Policy Reminders

As Title I schools, we are required to inform you of the following items: 

● That you may request information regarding the professional qualifications of your student’s classroom teachers and classroom paraprofessionals. 

● That the school must notify you if your student is instructed for four continuous 

● weeks by a teacher that does not meet the definition of “highly qualified”. 

● That you may request access to your student’s state assessment scores. 

● That an annual evaluation is conducted of our Title I program, and that you have the right to be actively involved in this evaluation that includes parent involvement policies and activities. 

● Each Title I school has convened an annual meeting to which all parents of 

● participating children are invited for the purpose of explaining the Title I program, its requirements, and their right to be involved, including parents of children who are disabled, migrant, or Limited English Proficiency (LEP). 

● Each year, we want to remind parents about access to our district and school 

● “Report Cards”. Information can be found by following the link on our district website at or using the Kansas State Department website at no=056.

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