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Student Privacy Policy (Refer to Board Policy IDAE)

Student Privacy Policy (Refer to Board Policy IDAE)

The superintendent, the board and staff shall protect the right of privacy of students and their families in connection with any surveys or physical examinations conducted, assisted or authorized by the board or administration. Any student data submitted to or maintained in a statewide longitudinal student data system shall only be disclosed in accordance with the Student Data Privacy Act. Disclosure of all other student data or student record information maintained is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 

Unless an adult student or parent or guardian of a minor student provides written consent to disclose personally identifiable student data, student data may only be disclosed to agencies specified in BOE Policy IDEA. No test, questionnaire, survey, or examination containing any questions about a student’s or the student’s parents’ or guardians’ personal beliefs or practices on issues such as sex, family life, morality, or religion shall be administered to any students unless: 

● the parent or guardian is notified in writing; and 

● the parent or guardian of the student gives written permission for the student to participate. Nothing shall prohibit school counselors from providing counseling services, including the administration of tests and forms as part of student counseling services.

Policy IDAE

  • Annual Notice to Parents and Students of Rights Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act