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(Refer to Board Policy JGC) 

All students entering the Emporia Public Schools for the first time should submit evidence of a health assessment by the first day of school. For preschool and kindergarten students, this physical examination should be within 12 months prior to school entry. All other students (grades 1-12) entering the school district for the first time should provide evidence of a physical examination that has been completed sometime during their school career. Students who have not completed a physical examination by the first day of school should provide evidence that an appointment has been made for the physical. A student under the age of 9 who does not have a physical within 90 days of the first date of attendance will be excluded from school. These absences will be considered unexcused and will be subject to truancy laws. 

All physical forms may be obtained from local doctors’ offices, school nurses, any school office or the Lyon County Health Department. 

  • Health and Safety