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Major Infractions:

Major Infractions:

● Severe disrespect 

● Aggressive behavior (physical,verbal,etc) 

● Running/Elopement

● Physical fighting/assault/battery 

● Bullying 

● Credible threat to do injury to person or property 

● Intimidation to staff/student

● Spitting on others intentionally 

● Forgery 

● Sexual misconduct 

● Use or possession of illegal substance 

● Gang-related behaviors

● Theft or possession of stolen property 

● Throwing with intent to harm-aggressively 

● Self- injurious behaviors  

● Possession or use of weapons, or manipulation of items to be weapons

● Destruction or damage of property 

● Refusal to comply with administrative redirection  

● Vandalism

● Inappropriate use of technology (violent or sexual content) 

● Sexting (sending,receiving, sharing,posting, viewing, or possession of video,picture,text message,email,or other material that is of a sexual nature in any form)

● Sexual harassment  

● Inappropriate language towards staff or students 

● Inappropriate language, literature, conduct- sexual and/or violence  

● Excessive Tardiness,absences, etc 

● Other behaviors deemed to be of a severe nature 

  • Student Conduct/Discipline