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(Refer to Board Policy JGCB) 

All students enrolling in any USD 253 school shall provide the building principal with proof of immunizations ofcertain diseases or furnish documents to satisfy statutory requirements. Booster shots required by the Secretary of the State Department of Health and Environment are also required. 

All students residing in the district on May 15 will be required to submit proof of immunizations by the following November 1. Failure to submit proof of immunizations by November 1 may result in exclusion from school from that date until statutory and policy requirements are met. Exceptions to this requirement are proof that the student has received the most recent appropriate inoculations in a required series, an annual written statement from a physician declaring it unsafe for the student to receive the inoculations, or a written statement provided by a parent or guardian requesting the child be exempt due to religious reasons. Students will not be excluded from school for non-compliance with the 10-year tetanus booster. In the event of an outbreak of a disease or illness for which a child has not been inoculated, the child may be excluded from school as per the guidelines within Kansas Department of Health and Environment regulations. 

All students entering the district as new residents will be given 60 days from the first day of school or from the first date of attendance, whichever comes first, to comply with statutory and policy requirements. 

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