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Dress Code

Dress Code

(Refer to Board Policy JCDB) 

We believe the primary responsibility for proper dress rests with the student and his/her parents. However, when students dress or appear in a manner that would be considered indecent or disruptive to school in the judgment of counselors, teachers or principals, the student may be required to change to appropriate clothing or alter the disruptive appearance. Continued inappropriate dress or appearance will result in more severe consequences. The following rules are expectations of student dress: 

● Clothing and personal belongings shall not display profanity, obscenities, violent or derogatory messages, or have tobacco, alcohol, or drug-related significance, nor shall it include items that promote gang intimidation. 

● Bare midriffs or revealing clothing of any type is not permitted. 

● Sagging pants or shorts (not fitted to the waist) will not be permitted. 

● Footwear will be worn by all students (socks only are not considered “footwear”). 

● Heavy chains worn as jewelry or attached to clothing will not be permitted. 

● Any footwear with wheels will not be permitted. 

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