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Facility Rentals

HVAC FEES (only provided if specifically requested)
District Employee/Resident (Not‐for‐Profit) $ 30.00/event/day

Employee/Resident (for‐Profit) & Non‐Resident

Large conference room, Media Center, Auditorium, Gymnasium w/locker rooms, Commons/Cafeteria, Kitchen, Swimming Pool (lifeguard required), Concession Stand or Jones Activity Complex*

$ 30.00/hour

Employee/Resident (for‐Profit) & Non‐Resident

Small conference room, Classroom, Locker Rooms only , Tennis Complex, Stadium and/or Track

$ 15.00/hour
Maximum HVAC Charge
District Employee/Resident (Not‐for‐Profit) $ 75.00/event/day
Employee/Resident (for‐Profit) & Non‐Resident $ 75.00/hour
Maintenance Staff, Maintenance Call Back (2 hr. minimum),
Equipment Operator (i.e. Kitchen), Security Staff
$ 25.00/hour
Staff Supervisor $ 15.00/hour
Other Charges
Damage/Cleaning Deposit $100.00 /event
Note: Building personnel are required for use by District Residents and Non‐Residents.
They are charged on an "as needed" basis for District Employees.
A damage/cleaning deposit is charged to cover the cost of minor damages or required cleaning after an event. The signing of a rental agreement assumes responsibility for leaving the facility/equipment ready for the next event. You will be expected to compensate the district for any damages that may occur during and/or because of the renter's use. The district shall determine damage charges based upon actual repair/replacement cost. Where applicable, a damage deposit will be collected prior to use. The damage deposit will be returned to the organization after the event, following a satisfactory inspection of the
*If the HVAC needs to be reset during an event due to propped open doors, that will result
in the loss of your damage deposit.