Social and Emotional Competencies for

First Grade

There are unique Social and Emotional competencies that students in First Grade should be able to demonstrate. These competencies make up the framework that supports the lessons and activities that are linked to this page. There is a certain format to the way the competencies are established, based upon what is felt is a logical progression in the way students learn about themselves, others, and how to move safely in their present and future learning and living environments. These competencies do not exist in isolation, but often are closely linked the core subjects that are required to be taught in First Grade. The link directly below outlines the social and emotional competencies as well as where these comptencies link to the learning standards for Health, Social Studies (e.g., Civics/Government, Economics, Geography, Kansas/United States/World History), Communications (e.g, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Literature), and Physical Education.

Grade 1 Social and Emotional Competencies Across the Curriculum


There are five areas of Social and Emotional competencies that are outlined in the above document (e.g., Self Awareness, Social and Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Personal Safety, and Self Management). Links to each of the five areas is located below. Each of these links is connected to links for Lessons and Activities and Other Resources that will support you in planning and the presentation of information from the core areas of instruction as well as the social and emotional learning competencies.

On the page below you will find links to each area of the competencies (they are the underlined text). Additional lesson plans and avtivies for each section are attached to the the named buttons directly below the underlined text.

First Grade Self Awareness                                                        


First Grade Social Skills


First Grade Decision Making and Problem Solving


First Grade Personal Safety


First Grade Self Management


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