#InCaseYou’reWondering February 2019 #FacesOfEmporiaSchools and #FriendsOfUSD253

Feb 11, 2019 | Messages from the Superintendent

#InCaseYou’reWondering February 2019 #FacesOfEmporiaSchools and #FriendsOfUSD253

One of the things I truly appreciate about Emporia Public Schools is our size. We are a large enough district to
have access to a wide variety of services for our staff, students, and families while being small enough to have
that “family” feel. Over the course of the past four months of our district facilities needs assessment, we had
the opportunity to meet with staff members and patrons from each of our PK – 12 attendance centers. During
that time, we were able to gather valuable input from stakeholders about our facilities and our programming. A
number of common themes emerged from those visits, but one theme that stood out to me had to do with the
sense of PRIDE for each individual building that flowed through every community meeting that we held. That
sense of pride was directed toward two areas: a sense of family, and a staff that was willing to go beyond what
was expected of them to meet the needs of the students.

As we continue to reflect on our District Goals that were adopted by the USD 253 Board of Education in August
2018, and evaluate the input we gathered from community leaders, parents, and a diverse cross-section of
USD 253 staff members, we realize that this sense of pride directly relates to two of our District Goals:

  • A. Priority II: Communication and Culture: Commit to meaningful communication between the district and
    stakeholders to foster trusting relationships and build a collaborative culture; and
  • B. Priority III: Personnel: Attract, retain, and develop high-quality staff members who support our
    educational community.

Thus, one of our objectives became, how do we focus our energy and attention on these priorities and use
them to share that sense of district pride with a larger audience?

So, we took that lens and developed concepts called #FacesOfEmporiaSchools and #FriendsOfUSD253. The
#EmporiaProud hashtag has served us well and will continue to be a focus of how we share the great things
that are happening at USD 253. To further complement #EmporiaProud, we are launching an effort to spotlight
our great staff along with the ongoing support that exists with our parents and community. Through
#FacesOfEmporiaSchools and #FriendsOfUSD253, we are encouraging and inviting everyone to be a part of
this undertaking by sharing what you love about Emporia Public Schools.

We hope that you choose to take part in this project, and we encourage you to contact Lyndel Landgren,, our Director of Community Relations, to share your story. We are excited about
continuing to showcase the ongoing #EmporiaProud moments through the lens of our entire school
community. We also look forward to hearing what you love about Emporia Public Schools, and we anticipate
sharing these messages with everyone over the coming days, months, and years. Thank you for helping us to
cultivate, create, and communicate the many #EmporiaProud moments that happen in our schools and
community on a daily basis.

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