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In partnership with parents, students, and the community, it is our mission to provide a variety of learning opportunities for academic growth, in order to create successful life-long learners who are responsible, adaptable, and accepting of others in an everchanging society.

Our Vision for Village:

  • To become a model school of excellence that is more culturally aware and able to adapt and create success for all students.

  • To provide a safe, positive environment where all students are challenged and held to high academic and behavioral expectations.

  • To become a school where parents, teachers, and students collaborate to share the responsibility for students’ success.

  • To become a school where everyone (staff, students, and families) is valued in the learning community.

Collective Commitments:

In order to achieve the vision of a school that functions as a Professional Learning Community, Village staff has made the following collective commitments:

  • To participate in weekly collaboration meetings with community and grade level teams.

  • To develop and implement a school-wide discipline plan.

  • Seek and implement promising practices and strategies for improving student achievement for all students.

  • Monitor student progress frequently and adjust instructional programming to meet the academic and/or behavioral needs of all students.

  • Utilize a variety of resources to enhance student learning.

  • Participate in ongoing, job-embedded professional development to improve our professional practices.

  • Plan community nights to enhance parental involvement.

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