Faculty Requests

Emporia High School Learning Commons

Mr. Adkins

Advocates for Self Government

USA Today Candidate Match Game II

I Side with.com

Mrs. Ballard


Artelino-Art Auctions

University of Pennsylvania Ancient Greek World

BBC Ancient Greece

Ancient History Sourcebook

Ancient Greek Cities

Ancient Greece


Mr. Bosiljevac

D.C.’s Political Report

Ben’s Guide to the US Government

Mrs. Dawson

In the Trenches – Experiencing War

Experiencing War

Guide to World War I

Christmas in the Trenches

The Beginning of Trench Warfare

BBC History

Cable News Network – CNN.com

BBC News:  Middle East

American Red Cross

Earthquake Japan 2011

NASDAQ Stock Market

Ms. Dorsch

Paris est Magique

Cecile Widerman Kaufer, Holocaust Survivor, Recounts 1942 Vel D’Hiv Roundup in Paris Stadium

France Reflects on its Role in Wartime Fate of Jews

The Vel D’Hiv Roundup YouTube video

La Shoah a Paris – Remembering the Holocaust through Memorials YouTube video

Paris Photo Gallery

Regions of France

French Tourist Office

Paris Digest


Paris Wikipedia

France.com Tours

France on your Own

Paris Travel about.com

Lonely Planet

Mr. Eckert

Stock Market


Mrs. Hamilton

Web Sources

The Pilgrims & Plymouth Colony:  1620

American National Biography – Tisquantum

Learning Styles Inventory

Edgar Allen Poe Museum

Nez Perce Tribe

Children of the Camps

Trial of John Peter Zenger

Works of Art that Nazi’s Banned as “Degenerate”

McCarthyism and Blacklisting in Hollywood

McCarthy – Hollywood Blacklist

V-Chip and Movie Ratings – World Net Daily

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

TV Guidelines

Joseph McCarthy

Modern American Poetry-McCarthyism

Social Studies Help-McCarthyism

Shakespeare Resource Center

Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt

Mr. Heinrichs

Hobbies and Pastimes

Free Online German Lessons

Deutsch Aktull Resource Center

German Dictionary – LEO

Beolingus Dictionary

Mrs. Knuth

First Generation Student

Edutopia:  What’s your Learning Style?

PSAT 101 Basics

Mrs. Lee

Court Cases – United States Courts

Landmark Cases of the Supreme Court

Cornell University Law School

US Supreme Court Media

Court Cases Chart

Mr. Leyva

A. P. Psychology

Project Implicit

FHTC Moodle

Mr. Mai

Ceramic Sculpture

Art Found Object Examples Powerpoint

Art Found Object Sculpture Objectives

International Sculpture Center

National Gallery of Art

Internet Art Resources

National Gallery of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Art Oral Report Form

Ms. Marcotte

“The Gift of the Magi” Activity

Dr. Seuss The Butter Battle Book Activity

Mr. Marstall

Beyond Red vs. Blue

Advocates for Self-Government

United States House of Representatives

United States Senate

Vietnam War

The Vietnam Conflict

Ms. Myers

Incredibly Useful Links for Teaching and Studying Shakespeare

Shakespeare Resource Center

Mrs. Ritchie

Health Evaluations

Tennis Review

Volleyball Review

Sports History

Athletes and Sports History

History of Snowboarding

Snowboarding History

History of Fly Fishing

Andrew Herd’s History of Fly Fishing

History of Soccer

AYSO Soccer History

History of Gymnastics

History from USA Gymnastics Online

Inline Skating

The Roots of Inline Skating


History of Golf Since1497

History of Rodeo

Rodeo History

Nurse – Ms. Palafox

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Mrs. North

Textbook – Pearson Success

League of Women Voters

Lincoln Learning Inventors & Inventions

Red Scare

Red Scare Image Database

Ku Klux Klan


State v. Scopes

Scopes Trial

Harlem Renaissance

Charles Lindbergh

American Experience – Panama Canal

History of the Panama Canal – Wikipedia.org

Panama Canal -Wikipedia.org

Small Planet – Panama Canal

HUAC-Hollywood 10

UC Berkeley Media Resources Center

The Rosenberg Trial

Joseph McCarthy

Weapons used in the Persian Gulf War

PBS Frontline Gulf War Weapons

Mr. Pavlik

Art History Powerpoint

Mrs. Renfro

Vocabulary Squares

Mr. Sanchez


Sustantivos y Articulos

Spanish Language and Culture

Word Reference Multi-lingual Dictionary

Real Academia Espanola Dictionary

Ms. Schwinn

The Poynter Institute

Journalism Education Association

Journalism, Newspaper, Yearbook, and Spartan Club Webpage

Student Press Law Center

The Newseum

The Associated Press

High School Journalism

Mrs. Thomas

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Mrs. Trear

Arthur Miller Biography

McCarthyism Timeline

Salem Witch Trials Timeline

McCarthyism & Miller Information

McCarthyism & The Crucible


Mr. Trelc

The US White House Cabinet

The US Senate

The US House of Representatives

City of Emporia

Emporia Government

Emporia Community

Emporia Main Street

Lyon County Organization

Mr. Wells


Discovery Fit & Health

Junior & Senior English

Language Arts Classes Website

Joe Spartan Sample Resume 2012-13

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

U. S. Department of Energy – Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Cold Winters Driven by Global Warming

X Prize marks Fuel-Efficiency Spot for Future Cars

The Earth is Full – NYTimes.com

Lonely Planet

Mr. Wirsig

TurboSquid.com 3D Marketplace

Adobe TV

Class Scene

Mrs. Wirsig

Pink Floyd “Time”

Mr. Young

Bitesize Science

Vision Learning – Dalton’s Playhouse

A Look inside the Atom

Development Draft – How Big are Things?

Gas Law Program

How Stuff Works – How Oil Refining Works

Kinetic Molecular Theory

United States Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program

Anglian Water’s Captain Splosh

Life in the Ocean

Surf your Watershed

Information for ESL faculty:

United States Geological Survey

The U.S. 50


EHS Library Twitter Feed


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