Emporia High School

Home of the Spartans

dr. hart

Dr. Britton Hart, Principal

Emporia High School
3302 W 18th Ave
Emporia, KS

Voice: (620) 341-2365
Fax: (620) 341-2376

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
7 am – 4 pm

Homecoming Football Game and Dance

Homecoming Football Game – September 30th 7:00 p.m.
Homecoming Dance – October 1st 8:00-11:00 p.m.

Spirit Week

Monday – Sleeping Beauty Day (Dress in your pajamas)
Tuesday – Tarzan Day (Jungle themed attire – animal print)
Wednesday – Monsters University Day (Support your favorite college team)
Thursday –  Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (Twin Day).
Friday – Disney Day (Favorite Disney attire)

School Hours:

Classes start:  8 am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  9 am Wednesday
Classes dismiss: 3:21 pm

Daily Schedule:

Monday/Friday Tuesday/Thursday Late Start Wednesday
Block 1  8:00-9:18 Block 1  8:00-9:06 Block 1  9:00-10:06
Block 2  9:23-10:41 Block 2 9:11-10:17 Block 2 10:11-11:17
Block 3 10:46-12:35 CAP/Activity 10:22-11:17 Block 3 11:22-12:59
Lunch A 10:46 – 11:12 Block 3  11:22-12:59 Lunch A  11:22 – 11:48
Lunch B  11:38 – 12:04 Lunch A  11:22 – 11:48 Lunch B  12:02 – 12:28
Lunch C  12:09 – 12:35  Lunch B  12:02 – 12:28 Lunch C 12:33 – 12:59
Block 4  12:40-1:58 Lunch C 12:33 – 12:59 Block 4  1:04-2:10
Block 5  2:03-3:21 Block 4  1:04-2:10 Block 5  2:15-3:21
  Block 5  2:15-3:21  


EHS Quick Facts:

Principal and Counselor Assignments

Mr. Simons and Mrs. Haegert A-D
Mr. Fischer and Mr. Taylor E-Li
Mr. Garrett and Mr. Chapman Lo-Ri
Mr. Mathews and Mr. Nienstedt Ro-Z

Parking Permits
Parking permits may be picked up in the front office after the student has enrolled online and paid for the permit. Bring proof of payment, a valid driver’s license and the vehicle registration.

Students may sign up for a locker in the Front Office anytime after enrolling online. Parking permits must be paid in full before one will be issued; bring proof of payment, a valid driver’s licence, and the vehicle registration.

Physical Forms
If a student plans to participate in a sport, a physical form must be on file in the Athletic Office prior to start of the sport season.

Student Schedule
All schedules can be viewed on PowerSchool starting August 1. Schedule changes will be allowed beginning 1st week of August through 3 pm on August 26. No changes will be allowed after the 26th.

College Classes
Students taking college classes need to pay all admission fees prior to the start of school to the appropriate institution where the class is being taken.

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