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Barb Fowler

Barb Fowler

SS/Language Arts


TPA: ALIVE@EHS Emporia Public Schools 9-12 School-With-In-a School

Active Learning In a Valued Environment


The TPA: Alive@EHS Model


Basic Goals:

 Creates a catalyst for a student’s own learning

 Creates accountability for learning

 Supports learning during and beyond the school day

 Creates, develops, and maintains a learning environment for all students

 Focuses on academics in a non-competitive environment

 Creates life-long learners

 Prepares students for life beyond high school


Unique Features of TPA: ALIVE@EHS

 Small school atmosphere with low student to teacher ratio

 Individual and small group learning

 Multi grade level courses

 Integration of core subjects

 Independent learning opportunities (Fed X)

 Creates dual learning environments: required and personal

 Frequent use of project and problem based assessments

 Strong curriculum supplemented by select EHS electives

 Availability of EHS clubs and afterschool activities/sports


Diverse educational environment allows for:

 Confidence building

 Tolerance (willingness to accept others ideas without making them your


 Communication of ideas based on data and research

 High Expectations for learning where ordinary leads to extraordinary

 Requires student effort to attain quality results


If your child is entering their freshman or sophomore year and you believe that

he/she would thrive in the TPA: ALIVE@EHS environment, please pick up an

application packet in the EHS main office and review the application process.

Follow-up information is available from TPA: ALIVE@EHS teachers. or

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