Board Policies – Section E – Business Management

EDAA – School Vehicles (District-Owned Buses)  (See ED, JBCA, and JGG)

School buses and other school vehicles will not be loaned, leased or subcontracted to any person, groups of persons or organizations except as allowed by law.


All school vehicles will be adequately insured.


For the purposes of this policy, “school transportation provider” is defined to include school bus drivers, school passenger vehicle drivers, and other school employees who may transport students.

Every school transportation provider shall have a valid driver’s license. Such drivers shall have full authority and responsibility for the passengers riding in school vehicles.

Students or other persons riding in school buses or school vehicles who violate district policy or bus and/or school vehicle rules will be reported to the proper administrative official. Violations of these policies and/or rules may result in disciplinary action by school officials or reports to law enforcement as appropriate.

Speed Limits

The board may set speed limits for district buses, which may be lower than state-allowed maximum speed limits.

Safety Inspection

The superintendent shall be responsible for bus and other transportation inspections.

Defects found in school vehicles shall be repaired as soon as possible. The director of transportation shall be responsible for keeping school vehicles in good operating condition.

Scheduling and Routing

Scheduling and routing shall be the responsibility of the superintendent.

Bus and transportation schedules and routing maps will be updated annually prior to the start of school.


Every school transportation provider will keep accurate records pertaining to each assigned vehicle. The types of records shall be developed by the superintendent.

Any record developed by the administration for the purpose of monitoring vehicle use will include, but may not be limited to, the following information: miles driven each trip, gas and oil usage, purpose of the trip, destination, time of departure, and time of return. Such records will be signed by each driver at the conclusion of each trip and submitted to the person responsible for collection of these records. An annual summary report will be used in the compilation of the district’s budget. A copy of the annual report may be given to the board on or before the regular board meeting in June or upon request.

Licensing of Drivers

It shall be the responsibility of all school transportation providers to register with the superintendent annually the validity of license certification by the Kansas Department of Revenue. If a school transportation provider’s license is suspended or revoked at any time, the suspension or revocation shall be reported to the superintendent and the employee shall immediately cease driving a school vehicle and transporting students.

School transportation providers shall receive a copy of this policy annually on registering their driving certification with the superintendent.

Housing of School Vehicles

All school vehicles shall be housed in areas designated by the superintendent. Buses may be housed in the district’s central storage area or assigned to a designated driver who may then house the bus as directed.

If district cars or vans are assigned to designated employees, the employee shall be responsible for the proper care, maintenance, and housing of the vehicle either at a district-owned site or at the employee’s residence.

Approved: November 13, 2013

Amended: February 12, 2014

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