Board Policies – Section M – Relations with Other Education Agencies

ME – Educational Research and Services Centers

Educational research conducted by individuals or agencies may be approved after proper application to the superintendent.


Approved: June 22, 1993


ME-R Educational Research and Service Centers

Request to Conduct Research in the District

In requesting permission to conduct case studies or to secure research data within the district, the applicant shall:

Present an endorsement of the project from the school or department head with whom the applicant is working.

Submit specimens of all tests, questionnaires or forms to be used in collecting data.

Agree to submit promptly to the district a copy of all data and information collected in the schools and a summary or extract of the resulting articles, research reports, thesis or dissertation, indicating findings, conclusions and implications.

Agree to respect the highly confidential nature of the information that will become available through this contact with the district and to use it only in a professional manner.

Whenever a selected group of students from any one room or grade is to participate, written permission must also be secured from the student’s parents. The form of the request for parental permission and the parent’s responses must be approved and verified by the building principal.

Applications to conduct research must be prepared in triplicate and left at the office of the superintendent for approval of that office and the principal(s) concerned. No contact should be made with individual students, teachers or principals until the application has been reviewed and approved by the research committee.

One copy of the application will be filed in the office of the superintendent; one copy will be sent to the building principal(s); and one copy will be returned to the applicant as notification regarding approval or rejection of the study.

The data collected in connection with an approved study may not be used for purposes other than those stated on the approved application form, nor shall it be available to anyone other than the applicant prior and specific permission from the superintendent.

All such research data shall conform to policy/rule section JR et. seq.


Approved: June 22, 1993

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