Board Policies – Section K – General Public Relations

KG – Use of School Facilities by Community Groups (See DFG and JH)

The board may allow the use of school buildings and school grounds by community groups. Use of any school facility or school grounds, however, shall not interfere with daily school use or any school-sponsored activity. Priority for facility use outside of the school day goes to use promoting student academic achievement. Notwithstanding the previous statement, the district shall provide equal access to boy and girl scouts and other designated youth groups which are neither school-sponsored nor co-curricular in nature.

Use in Accordance with Board Policies

As a condition to initial use of and continued access to district property and facilities, groups and/or organizations must follow Kansas law and board policy prohibiting the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco on district property and ensure individuals in attendance refrain from using such substances on district property as well. Failure to abide by this provision may result in a revocation of facility use privileges.

Fees and Rental Charges

The board shall establish reasonable fees and/or rental charges for the use of any school facility or school grounds; fees and/or rental charges will cover costs of wages of school personnel involved and utilities. The fee and/or rental charges shall be approved by the board.

Lease Arrangements

The board shall approve any lease arrangements.
Whenever any school facility is used by non-school groups or individuals, a school employee may be on duty to see that the building and equipment are properly used. A school employee may not be required to be on duty when, in the principal’s opinion, it is not necessary.

Insurance and/or Bonds

The board, through its duly authorized agent, reserves the right to require bonds (cash or otherwise), insurance, or other damage deposits acceptable to the board before allowing use of the schools’ facilities. Use is subject to limited access and availability. Any damages occurring during use will be billed to the individual and/or organization renting the facility.


Approved: July 8, 2015

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