Board Policies – Section K – General Public Relations

KDC – Solicitations (See GAI)

The board shall discourage all solicitations of and by staff members during regular school hours and at school-sponsored activities.

Agents, solicitors and salesmen shall not be permitted to take time of teachers or students from educational activities. The students and faculty of the district shall not promote commercial or private financial interests, either through direct sales or through promotion of competitive goods or services.

This rule applies to those activities, promotions and sales originating outside the school. Exception to this rule may be made as outlined below.

Materials and projects submitted for consideration under this rule must be made in writing to the superintendent or designee. Requests will be considered in light of the proposal’s direct contribution to the educational values in the school. Consideration shall be on the basis of unreasonably added work for staff members.

Any individuals or organizations violating the policy on solicitations shall be reported to the board by the superintendent. Violators may be denied further access to school premises by board action.


Approved: July 8, 2015

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