Board Policies – Section J – Students

JCABB – Searches of Students (See JCAB and JCAC)

Principals are authorized to search students if there is reasonable suspicion that district policies, rules or directives are being violated. Strip searches shall not be conducted by school authorities. All searches by the principal shall be carried out in the presence of another adult witness.

The student shall be told why a search is being conducted. Items that may be searched include, but are not limited to, pockets, purses, shoulder bags, book bags and briefcases. The principal shall attempt to call the student’s parent(s) and may call law enforcement. Items which the principal believes may be connected with illegal activity shall remain in the custody of the principal unless the items are turned over to law enforcement officials. If the student refuses to cooperate, the principal may take disciplinary action and/or seek assistance from law enforcement.

If law enforcement assistance is present, further search of the student shall be with the cooperation and assistance of law enforcement officials. The principal shall remain with the student and be present during any search of the student made by law enforcement officials on school property. The principal shall receive and file a receipt for items turned over to law enforcement officials.

If the principal believes a student is in possession of an object which can jeopardize the health, welfare or safety of the student or others, the student shall be removed to a safe location. This determination may be based on any information received by the principal.

A written report of each search shall be made by the principal or designee and kept on file.

Approved:  January 14, 2015



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