Board Policies –  Section I – Instructional Program

IKCA – Human Sexuality and AIDS Education

Opt-Out Procedure and Form

Parents or guardians (or a student over eighteen years of age) who do not want the student involved in all or some portion of the district’s Human Sexuality and AIDS education classes shall be provided a written copy of the goals and objectives for the student’s appropriate Human Sexuality and AIDS class. Following review of the curriculum goals on file at the board of education office, the parent or guardian must complete the district opt-out form and state the portion(s) of the curriculum in which the student is not to be involved.

Opt-Out Form

Parents or guardians (or students eighteen years of age or older) may obtain the opt-out request form from the principal, completing and signing the form and returning the form to the principal. The signed form will be kept on file in the principal’s office.

The building principal shall receive a copy of the signed form so the named student shall be excused from all or a portion of the Human Sexuality and AIDS classes. Arrangements shall also be made for class reassignment of the student during the opt-out period.

Annual Request Required

Opt-out requests shall be required annually and are valid only for the school year in which they are submitted.

Notice of Availability

Public notice of the availability of the Human Sexuality and AIDS curriculum goals and objectives shall be made available to parents.

Approved: August 13, 2014



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