Board Policies –  Section I – Instructional Program

IIBG – Computer and Device Use (See ECH, IIBF, IIBGC, JCDA and KBA)

Use of District Computers and Devices/Privacy Rights

District-issued computer systems and electronic devices are for educational and professional use. All information created by staff and students or stored thereon shall be considered district property and shall be subject to unannounced monitoring by district administrators. Unauthorized access to and/or unauthorized use of the district server or security system (including, but not limited to, surveillance footage) is also prohibited. The district retains the right to discipline any student up to and including expulsion and any employee up to and including termination for violation of this policy.


Software acquired by students or staff using either district or personal funds and installed on district computers or electronic devices must comply with copyright laws.


The network administrator can verify the compatibility of the software or application with existing software, hardware and applications and prescribe installation and de-installation procedures.

Privacy Rights

Any email, computer application or information stored or transmitted through district computers, network systems or electronic devices is subject to monitoring by the administration with no expectation of privacy.

Ownership of Employee Computer and Device Materials

Computer materials, devices, software or applications created as part of any assigned district responsibility or classroom activity undertaken on school time shall be the property of the board.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Computers and/or Equipment

Students and staff members shall be responsible for reimbursing the district for replacement of or repair to district-issued computers or electronic devices which are lost, stolen or damaged while in the student’s or staff member’s possession.

Approved: May 13, 2015








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