Board Policies –  Section I – Instructional Program

IB – School Site Councils (See KA)

A site council shall be established in each district building. Each council shall be responsible for providing advice and counsel for evaluating state, school district, and school site performance goals and objectives and in recommending methods that may be employed at the school site to meet these goals and objectives. Discussions may include allocations of the school budget and administrative and management functions.

The membership of each council shall include, at a minimum, the building principal, and representatives of: teachers and other school personnel, parents of pupils attending the school, the business community, and community leaders.

Each principal shall submit, for the board’s consideration, names of individuals to be considered for appointment to the site council. The board shall appoint site council members.

Each site council shall establish meeting schedules that shall be subject to board approval. Each council shall report to the board at least one time a year.

Approved: August 13, 2014

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