Board Policies –  Section G – Personnel

GCI – Classified Employee Evaluation (See GAK)

The Emporia School District is interested in employing and retaining the best personnel possible. In order to maintain a high standard of performance, an employee performance evaluation system has been established.

Classified employees are to be evaluated per the following schedule:

  • Twice per year for the first two years,
  • Once per year for the third and fourth years,
  • Then once per year every third year.

Classified employees shall be evaluated by the supervisor to whom they are assigned. Classified employees shall be evaluated based upon the district evaluation document. A copy of the completed evaluation will be given to the employee after it is signed by the employee and the evaluator and will be placed in the employee’s personnel file. Employees may respond to this evaluation in writing within two weeks of the evaluation.


Approved: August 13, 2014

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