Board Policies –  Section G – Personnel

GBRH – Leaves and Absences (See GBRC)

Paid Leave

Except as otherwise provided in terms of any applicable administrative regulations, handbooks, or negotiated agreement, certified staff may be granted the following leaves: sick leave, personal leave, bereavement leave, personal illness pool leave, personal leave with pay, leave for professional meetings/educational trips, leave for attendance at association meetings, jury duty leave, military leave, and short leave.

Unpaid Leave

The board may grant a period of unpaid leave as allowed by board policy or negotiated language. The period of leave and reason for unpaid leave shall be determined by board policy, negotiated agreement, and/or handbook language. The school shall not be required to pay any salary or benefits during periods of unpaid leave except as may be required by law or relevant negotiated language. Reasons for which unpaid leave may be granted include, but may not be limited to: personal leave without pay, sabbatical leave, professional travel leave, professional study leave, leaves for grant recipients, military leave, religious leave, disability leave, and family and medical leave.

Jury or Witness Leave

Any employee called to jury duty will be granted paid leave for such service by the school, and such leave will not be deducted from the employee’s credited paid leave. However, jury duty pay or witness stipends received in excess of travel expenses incurred by such employee shall be remitted to the employee’s supervisor on behalf of the school along with a written statement from the judicial body documenting the days the employee served as a juror.

Approved: April 9, 2014

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