Board Policies –  Section G – Personnel

GANA – Expense Reimbursement and Credit Cards (See CEF and GAN)

Non-administrative staff use of a district credit card, if authorized by the staff member’s immediate supervisor, shall be confined to necessary school business and shall be subject to any guidelines for such use established by the board or district administration.  Unless otherwise specified in guidelines established pursuant to this policy, staff members shall retain any receipt(s) for district credit card expenditure(s) and shall provide them to the staff member’s immediate supervisor as soon as practicable following the expenditure. 

The superintendent may designate administrative and other staff members to whom a district credit card will be issued.  The board shall annually prescribe limits and restrictions on the use of district credit cards and shall monitor monthly receipts and reimbursement expenses.  In no case will credit card expenditures in excess of $5,000 in one month be authorized for any non-administrative staff member without the prior approval of the superintendent.

All rewards points or cash back payments earned using district credit cards are district property and shall be either applied to future district credit card purchases or remitted to the district treasurer for accounting and deposit.

Accountings of district credit card use shall be provided to the board for review on a monthly basis, and a record of district credit card usage shall be maintained.  Expenses for district travel in personal vehicles or extended travel incurred in the performance of official duties shall be reimbursed in accordance with the provisions of GAN.


Approved: October 14, 2015


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