Board Policies – Section E – Business Management

EDDA – Special Use of School Buses (See ED)

The board may allow for special uses of district buses using guidelines established in this policy. Transportation fees may be charged to offset totally or in part the cost of approved special trips. Revenues received by the board under the provisions of this policy shall not be considered a reduction of operating expenses of the school district. Groups allowed use of buses under this policy are responsible for the care and cleaning of the buses, and for the supervision of passengers. The types of groups allowed, and the restrictions placed on the activities these groups may sponsor while using district transportation, shall be approved by the board and filed with the clerk. Groups allowed use of district buses may not travel outside Kansas.

Special uses will not be approved without insurance coverage.

The board may allow the following special uses for district owned buses:

  • Parents and/or other adults when traveling to or from school-related functions or activities;
  • Students traveling to or from functions or activities sponsored by organizations, the membership of which is principally composed of children of school age;
  • Persons engaged in field trips related to an adult education program maintained by the district;
  • Governing bodies of townships, city or county who transport individuals, groups or organizations;
  • Nonpublic school students when traveling to or from interschool or intraschool functions or activities;
  • Community college students enrolled in the community college to or from attendance at class at the community college or to and from functions or activities of the community college.
  • A four-year college or university, area vocational school, or area vocational-technical school for transportation of students to or from attendance at class at the four-year college or university, area vocational school or area vocational-technical school, or for transportation of students, alumni and other members of the public to or from functions or activities of these organizations;
  • Public recreation commissions, if travel is to or from an activity related to the operation of the commission;
  • Another school district if there is a cooperative and shared-cost arrangement with that district.

Approved: November 13, 2013

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