Board Policies – Section B – School Board Operations

BCBH Minutes (See BCBF)

Accurate minutes of each board meeting shall be taken and transcribed. The clerk shall be responsible for taking and transcribing minutes of each board meeting. The board shall designate an acting clerk if the clerk is absent. Neither the superintendent nor a board member may serve as acting clerk. Unofficial minutes shall be sent to the board as soon as possible after each meeting. The board shall review the minutes of each meeting as soon as practicable, shall make any corrections or changes required to make the minutes accurately reflect the actions taken, and then approve the minutes as presented or changed.

The minutes shall clearly reflect all motions voted on by the board, including actions on motions which did not pass. The minutes will not contain a summary of each statement, either written or oral, made by a board member, a guest or a member of the staff unless the board chooses to have written remarks made part of the minutes. If a request is made, the board may direct the clerk to attach a copy of the written remarks to the original minutes.

Approved: April 24, 2013

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