About Emporia High School

Home of the Spartans

Our Mission

The mission of Emporia High School is to encourage a positive attitude toward learning and to encourage academic excellence in our rapidly changing, multi-cultural society.

To achieve this mission the school will:

  • Provide appropriate programs and facilities to encourage academic excellence
  • Maintain an environment that maximizes emotional, physical, social, and psychological development
  • Provide encouragement for nurturing self discipline, self respect, and respect for others
  • Aggressively encourage cooperation between students, teachers, parents, and the community
  • Prepare students to enter the work force or continue post secondary education
  • Prepare students to become responsible citizens

School Song

Here’s to Emporia High School,
Long may the Red-Black wave.
Here’s to Emporia High School,
so loyal and so brave.

We’re always backing our school,
So we can reach the sky.
Our motto is the golden rule,
At Emporia High.

We’re loyal to you Emporia High,
Our colors are true Emporia High,
We want you to rate,
As the best in the State,
For we know you can win Emporia High.
Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Stay with the ball Emporia High.
We’re backing you all Emporia High,

Our team is the fame protector,
Onward for we expect a
Victory from you Emporia High.

Alumni Info

To add reunion information email or call Jana Marstall at EHS, (620) 341-2365.

Past yearbooks are available for $25 each. If interested, contact Laura Schwinn at EHS, 620-341-2365.


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